The Dreaded PowerPoint Presentation

Visual aids can be a able apparatus for avaricious and advancement the absorption of an audience. If we analyze anamnesis statistics of humans who appear conferences, it is said that a lot of humans can anamnesis about 60% of what they see and hear; just 40% if they alone see a presentation; and a simple 25% if they alone apprehend what is presented. So we apperceive beheld aids are helpful, whether they are acclimated in one to one sales situations or if presenting to groups ample and small. It is aswell accessible that the a lot of acclimated average for amalgam and carrying the beheld aspect of a presentation for the all-inclusive majority of speakers is PowerPoint. Yet the best PowerPoint presentation in the accomplished apple will not atone for a ailing delivered presentation.

If you accomplish a presentation after beheld aids, it becomes absolute difficult for the admirers to abide focused on the letters aural your presentation. Not alone do beheld aids absorb the audience, but they aswell advice to abate the bulk of alertness all-important for a acknowledged presentation. Abounding humans activate with amalgam the slides aboriginal again add the Software later.

Visual aids can acquaint the admirers abounding things about you and your message. A presentation is consistently added able if it is partnered by visuals, as they advice to tap into the affections of the audience. They can reinforce your subject, activate greater compassionate amidst the audience, focus attention, and analyze circuitous points. There are about some abeyant downsides to application and even relying on PowerPoint.

Technology abortion

It can calmly happen: You accept aggregate planned for your presentation, but there is an electricity cut; you accept affected aggregate assimilate a anamnesis key but if you attack to archetype it to the venue’s computer, the book is corrupt; you administer to archetype aggregate to the computer you are using, but the adaptation or bureaucracy is absolutely different, and all of your cartoon accept afflicted for the worse.

You charge to accept a accident plan. At the worst, you should be able to bear your presentation either after visuals, or align to accept a cast blueprint accessible in case you charge it.

Avoid annihilation which is technologically complicated, such as web access or reside video links. Added times than not, they go wrong.

The admirers switches off

Most acceptable and awful accomplished presenters apperceive if the presentation is not working, and are able to change mid-stream in adjustment to appoint the audience. Poor presenters, including the awful nervous, apparently don’t even apprehension the admirers and backpack on regardless. Why do audiences about-face off? Reasons include:

  1. They see your aperture slides, which accept no cartoon but accommodate rows of ammo points. Accomplish the chantry admeasurement ample and try and accumulate the amount of ammo credibility down to three per slide. In fact, if you can abstain ammo point altogether, it would be even better.
  2. Humans get annoyed, because admitting accepting all the words on the awning you assert on account them all out. Don’t apprehend out all of the words on the accelerate – it will drive the admirers mad! The accelerate is declared to abutment the words you use – not be the same.
  3. The slides accept a accomplishments colour and chantry colours that accomplish the words difficult to read: red, orange and chicken are difficult to apprehend on a screen.
  4. Your allocution is declared to endure 20 account and you accept 40 slides to get through. Giving a presentation takes best than you think. The beneath slides you have, the added the admirers will acknowledge you.
  5. Don’t attending at the screen. You should face the admirers at all times. Every time you attending abroad from the admirers appear the screen, the angle of your articulation changes and those who await aloft a aggregate of your articulation and your aperture become absolutely confused. By application a laptop you should be able to accept the presentation in foreground of you, with the awning abaft you. You don’t charge to attending at the screen.
  6. Never get anyone abroad to accomplish the slides for you. It’s alert the risk, and humans get affronted if you consistently ask the abettor to move the slides advanced or go back. If you’re no acceptable with technology – don’t use it.
  7. Don’t use clipart – it’s naff. Use absolute photos. Remember – a account tells a thousand words! But accomplish abiding they are of a acceptable superior and don’t pixilate on screen. The added you amplitude a account the added it will blur. If you’re presenting figures, use a chart, but don’t overcomplicate it. Less is more.
  8. Accumulate the alteration of slides simple. Accepting furnishings like ‘flying in’ are confusing and can be annoying.
  9. Don’t use a laser pointer. The red dot is consistently so tiny that it cannot be apparent and authoritative it is absolute difficult. If you wish to point to something, use the curser, which can be added in size.
  10. Prepare your presentation slides weeks in beforehand of the absolute presentation and practise and time your presentation for ten times as abounding account as the presentation is declared to last. During the amid aeon consistently go aback to them and accede abbreviation the amount of words and the amount of slides.
  11. Don’t duke out a archetype of your slides above-mentioned to your presentation. Humans should be advancing to apprehend the speakers, not to aggregate notes. In accession humans will consistently go through the handouts whilst you’re speaking and absolutely generally will accept accomplished the end continued afore you’re accomplished speaking. Not alone will they absence what you’re adage but they aswell be affronted that you’re still traveling through your allocution if they already accept accomplished the end.
  12. Whatever you do – accumulate to the timing. There’s annihilation annoys an admirers added than accepting accepted a presentation to endure fifteen account for it to yield bisected an hour.